What makes that popping sound when my Chiropractor adjusts me?
Chiropractic Asheville NC rabbit adjustment

One of the most frequently asked questions that I get from patients is "What makes that popping or cracking sound when I get adjusted ?"  This is exactly what is addressed in the article cited below.    I hope this helps answer that question.  Speaking of questions... if you have any that you would like me to address,  please just click my contact page and let me know what it is and I will address it here on my blog site.

Now back to the answer on what is the source of that popping and cracking sound?

"So off we go to the chiropractor to get "cracked."  The dynamic chiropractic adjustment of the stressed and inappropriately moving through their ROM joints causes us to de-stress. It unwinds us towards a more youthful and supple self. And the "cracking" sound is from the joints releasing nitrogen gas under extreme vacuum negative pressure as the facets or faces of the bones at the joints are driven apart by the high velocity yet low impacting painless and to most very enjoyable chiropractic adjustment. The "cracking sound" is a phenomenon called cavitation. Cavitation occurs when a hollow is suddenly produced within a solid. When a solid and subluxated joint leap back into function through an adjustment, the popping sound is the creation of an interspace between the facets or the stuck "kissing faces" of the bones at the joint, thereby allowing them to return to a more healthy ROM. And yes my friends it does feel good to be "cracked" and returned to a more supple and youthfully functioning being. And chiropractic adjustments have been proven to be the best therapy for most back pain as well as extremity and head pain too. So if you're having some of life's little problems and are feeling and displaying the stiffness and loss of your youth as you age, or if you catch your posture changing even if you're young, then consult your chiropractor and have him "crack you up!" Adjustments are safe for all of us from the youngest to the oldest when administered by a licensed and accredited chiropractor."

The whole article can be found by clicking  HERE

Till next time try just asking yourself what is good in my life right now.  You might want to do that exercise of counting your blessings and writing them down on an index card and keeping in in your pocket nearest your heart to look at frequently.  It can change your life.

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