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VibraCusor® Therapy In Asheville

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VibraCusor® patented technology accelerates the body's natural healing response, increases cellular oxygen circulation, enhances cellular nutrient uptake, stimulates cellular fluid movement, and facilitates cellular waste removal.


  • Circulation
  • Strength and performance
  • Energy and endurance
  • Balance and coordination
  • Flexibility and agility
  • Health and well being


  • Pain
  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Cortisol (the “stress hormone” that adds fat to your waist line)
  • Fat and cellulite

The VibraCusor® has a positive effect on:

  • muscle tissue
  • nerves
  • blood vessels
  • bones
  • cartilage
  • hormones
  • neurotransmitters

The effects of the VibrCusor® depend on:

  • the frequency of the vibration in Hz (the number of impulses per second)
  • the amplitude of the vibration in Mm (the extent of the movement)
  • the acceleration of the vibration in G (the power/force of the movement)
  • the duration of the vibration in seconds or minutes
  • the position on the apparatus
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Recommended Chiropractor


“I would recommend the treatment (spinal decompression therapy) to anyone who is having pain because it certainly worked for me. Dr. Stockstad is the kindest, most patient and understanding doctor I have ever known.”

- J. Griffen

“I came to Dr. Stockstad's office suffering from Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. After treatments, I have been pain free for the first time in 12 years.”

- B. Canipe

“After three treatments, I can stand straighter and the numbness is going away. Dr. Stockstad knows what he is doing. He is the only one that has helped."

- J. Sehion

Recommended Chiropractor - White

16 Winterwind Drive

Asheville, NC 28803