When I came to Dr. Stockstad, I was walking with a cane, waddling like a duck and hurting with every step. "Wonder of wonders, Miracle of Miracles" as the song goes. Dr. Stockstad used his "impact adjusting instrument" to adjust my back and when I came up from the table, my back no longer hurt.

-A. Albert

I have suffered with a pinched nerve in my back and walked hunched over with numbness in my feet. I have tried many treatments and none of them worked. I was getting worse. After three treatments, I can stand straighter and the numbness is going away. Dr. Stockstad knows what he is doing. He is the only one that has helped. J.

-J. Sehion

I came to Dr. Stockstad's office suffering from Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. At times, my right foot and ankle pain was so bad I would go to the ER for pain injections. I was not able to even have my sheets touch my foot in bed as it would cause intense pain. After treatments, I have been, for the most part, pain free without using pain patches or having any injections for the first time in 12 years.

-B. Canipe

I had pain in my low back that would radiate down my leg into the heel of my foot. It was so bad that I needed help getting out of bed. My doctor tried muscle relaxers and several injections. None of this seemed to have a lasting effect. After a few visits to Dr. Stockstad, I was able to sleep through the night without waking up due to the pain. I am now able to enjoy life again.

I would recommend the treatment (spinal decompression therapy) to anyone who is having pain because it certainly worked for me. Dr. Stockstad is the kindest, most patient and understanding doctor I have ever known

-J. Griffen

My Father referred me to Dr. Stockstad after he got great results. When I started seeing Dr. Stockstad I was taking prescription medications and was hardly able to walk and sleeping… forget about it! Now I am exercising and feel 95% better. I highly recommend Dr. Stockstad.

-D. Vess

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