My aching neck and the right pillow
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What is the right pillow to use for your neck?   This is a loaded question but let us consider what the pillow's purpose is.   The main job of pillows is to help maintain your neck and spine in the correct posture while you sleep for about 6-8 hours on average.  I know some of you need or want a lot more sleep but that's a topic for another day!

In today's world, we have a lot of choices and options.  Pillows are made of many different materials like latex, feathers, beans, water, gels, and buckwheat to just name a few.

The good thing with some of these pillows,  like the water-based pillow is they are adjustable and can be customized to your neck.  They can be filled with just the right amount of water to meet your neck's needs by allowing your head to float on just the perfect amount of water.  Now doesn't that sound nice?  (no you won't get seasick because you have to make the waves.)

Here are the 3 types of pillows that I have found most patients report that they like.

Water pillows

I discussed this pillow above but I have to say this has been the pillow that we have seen the most success with, but it does have its drawbacks.  The main one is that these pillows can be heavy for those people who like to put their arms under their pillow when they sleep.  The other one is that some people like to wrestle their pillows in their sleep and moving a 2-pound pillow can make them feel like they are lifting weights at night.  Maybe this should be a selling point.  Moving weights in our sleep for exercises and Maybe a study should be done to see if you could lose weight pillow wrestling.

Memory pillows

These pillows are not adjustable but they do have some ability to conform to your body's position.  If the pillow fits you it can be a real help to avoid neck pain.

Buckwheat hulls

These have been popular, especially with people who are looking for material that is organic and hypoallergenic.  The buckwheat hulls move easily within the pillow to conform to your neck and head position.   I find that the patients who like these pillows are those who like to wear sandals all year long and eat organic food as a preference.  I would do this myself but it looks unprofessional and my feet get cold in the winter.  All that aside it really is a great choice for those who do have allergic reactions to synthetic materials.

If you have any questions, or comments or just need a good pillow let us know below or call our office.

Dr. Mathew Stockstad