Back pain relief without surgical care

In this short but informative article below, the author Julie Peters points out how many people think that surgery is often their only choice.  What is not discussed is how study after study has demonstrated the effectiveness of chiropractic care over many other options, without the use of drugs or surgery.  This includes not only pain relief but the long-term outcomes of the care.  With modern chiropractic care, which can include, among others, Spinal Decompression,  Flexion/Distraction, Activator Technique, and physiotherapy,  most surgeries for back pain are a thing of the past.


"Back Pain Relief Can Be Non-Surgical


Between 60-80% of people will have lower back pain during their lifetime. The disks in the lower back act as shock absorbers for the vertebrae, but like everything else in our bodies they can wear down over time with age and physical activity. This is the cause of lower back pain in most people. Most people are under the impression that when this happens the only option is surgery for back pain relief, but this is not true.

A damaged disk can be repaired with nonsurgical treatment and someone could be pain-free in a matter of months. Some of these people have back pain relief for the remainder of their lives. Surgery is sometimes necessary but people should be aware it is not the only course of action. Most back surgeons will actually recommend therapy before resorting to surgery.

Patients who are considering a surgical option to relieve back pain should be aware that the surgery is not always successful. There is a reoccurrence rate of about 10-15% in patients that have surgery for back pain relief. When a patient has pain even after the surgery most doctors will look for an alternative reason for the pain before they will operate again."

Julie Peters    Worlds Breaking News


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