Your lap top can be a real pain in the neck
Chiropractic Asheville NC Neck pain

What can I do about this nagging neck pain, headaches, and back pain?"


Sitting with your laptop on top of your lap is often a recipe for neck pain as well as back pain.  The reason for this is that it places your back in a  slouched position while you look down to see your computer screen.   The reason is because it reverses both the neck and low back curves putting tension on the supporting muscles.  The end result, is bad neck pain, back pain, and even stress headaches.


A simple solution:


Place your laptop on a table or stand that places the screen at eye level.  Seems like such a small thing but it will give your back and neck less stress while using the computer.


If the pain continues  I would suggest you see your chiropractor as you may need to have a structural alignment to re-balance your proper curves.  There are no pills or potions that will correct mal-positioned structures.   It takes a structural fix to correct a structural problem.


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