Statins and Cardiovascular Disease: Not as Protective as We're Led to Believe

Statins and cardiovascular Disease in Asheville NC

Hi, Dr. Mathew Stockstad here.  I have so many patients who come into my Asheville NC chiropractic office with huge concerns about their heart, cholesterol, etc.  So here is a very informative article by Dr. David Seaman, DC, MS, DABCN  below:

Statins and Cardiovascular Disease: Not as Protective as We're Led to Believe

This information should be considered by anyone who is being told they need to take statin drugs.  Also for those who are trying to weigh the current negative media on Statin drugs.

"If patients knew the potential side effects associated with statin drugs for a mere 1 percent reduction in risk of a cardiovascular event, would they take them so readily for prevention? I suspect most would probably choose otherwise.

Table 1: Findings From the JUPITER Trial
Statin Placebo
Events - raw data 141 / 8,901 251 / 8,901
Events - based out of 100 1.6 / 100 2.8 / 100
Actual incidence 1.6% on statins had events 2.8% on placebo had events
Prevention of events 98.4% were without events 97.2% were without events


Table 2: Potential Side Effects of Statins5-12
polyneuropathy peripheral neuropathy memory loss
aggression irritability cognitive defects
myalgia muscle weakness muscle cramps
rhabdomyolysis ALS-like symptoms fatigue
general mitochondrial disruption erectile dysfunction  

A Better Way to Protect Against Cardiovascular Disease in Asheville NC

It is quite clear that cardiovascular disease is initiated and driven by ongoing inflammation; this has been known for many years. Cholesterol is only part of the issue, and elevations represent a component of the chronic inflammatory state. So, the focus should be inflammation reduction

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