A key ingredient to Losing weight

The Key ingredient to losing weight in Asheville NC

"What's the Best Diet?"  Harvard's answer

In my Asheville NC Chiropractic office, I get this question frequently. It Goes like this... "Dr. Stockstad I would like to loose about 20 or so pounds what can I do to loose this quickly?"  We do have a plan that we recommend but that is another topic.  In my researching this I found this Journal article very informative on weight loss but not so much on getting healthy. Enjoy!

A group of doctors and researchers from the Department of Nutrition at Harvard's School of Public Health, decided to investigate that very question.

800 overweight men and women between the ages of 30-70 years where divided into four groups.

  1. Low-fat, high-protein plan
  2. Low-fat, average-protein
  3. High-fat, high-protein (Dr. Atkins diet)
  4. High-fat, average-protein.

The test subjects where carefully monitored for two years.

The final results: All the plans worked about the same. As long as the overweight individuals in the study lowered their calorie intake, they were able to lose weight.

This was published in the February 26, 2009 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine. Here was the one thing that they found that was very significant.  It actually accounted for a 225% difference between the subject's weight loss over the 2 years.  It was that committing to a support group was the key to losing weight.  The study found that participants who attended support group sessions over the course of the study lost an average of 20 lbs. The people who didn't attend the group meetings only had a weight loss of 9 lbs at the end of the 2-year research project.  It did not matter which eating plan they followed, if they attended the support group sessions their weight loss was more than doubled.

So what the study demonstrated was that effective weight loss is not so much about the diet as it is about surrounding yourself with the right people and support.

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