Children and Chiropractic Care: Science

Chiropractic care for children in Asheville NC

Chiropractic Asheville NC kids

I was so pleased to see more great research coming out for my Chiropractic profession.  I have seen the power of spinal adjustment not only in my Asheville NC Chiropractic practice but also with my own 3 children.  It is with the children that I have seen miracles take place.

Why should my child in Asheville NC receive chiropractic care?

Here is a wonderful excerpt from an article in the National Directory of Chiropractic.

"According to recent studies, chiropractic care improved the overall health status and quality of life in children who received treatment when compared to children who were not under care. Kids getting chiropractic adjustments reported less instances of flu like symptoms, ear infections, asthma, complications of obesity as well as an overall higher sense of well being.

The current theory behind this phenomena consists of protecting one of the most vital organ systems in your body: the human nervous system. The nervous system is protected by the skull and spinal column. This is why preventing spine decay or taking care of your spine is one of the most important concepts for you to understand. If your spinal column is healthy, then your spinal cord must be healthy. However, if your spinal column is mis-aligned or worse, degenerated, then your spinal cord will become diseased and degenerated.

Today we have the means to detect, prevent and even restore normal spinal function of the column and vertebrae. However, just like any form of care, early detection equals maximum medical improvement."

To read this full article Here.

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