Sources for Vitamin D

Sources of Vitamin D

The media keeps saying that we need vitamin D.  So where is the best source for getting this seemingly magical vitamin?  Well, the fact is that we can get it from natural sources for free.  Most people can get enough vitamin D by just getting going outside in the sun for about 10-20 minutes.  Of course, avoid the sun's most intense rays by avoiding the times of about 10 AM to 3 PM.  We can get our vitamin D while doing other beneficial things like taking a walk, bike ride, or doing some outdoor reading.  For years we were told that we should avoid the sunlight as it ages us and increases our chance of getting cancer.  Well, now the research is going the other way.  It all comes down to that old subject of moderation.  Now the other sources of vitamin D are foods and now, supplements.

Here is a small list of good food sources for Vitamin D:

Salmon, canned (3 ounces) 530 IU
Salmon, cooked (3.5 ounces) 240-360 IU
Tuna, canned (3 ounces) 200 IU
Orange juice, fortified (8 ounces) 100 IU
Milk, low fat, fortified (8 ounces) 98 IU
Cereal, fortified (1 cup) 40-50 IU
Eggs (1 large) 20-26 IU

Interesting benefit of Vitamin D

Proper levels of Vitamin D help your arteries to constrict and relax and help with blood clotting.  It also helps to control the proper fluid levels in our blood.  What this all means is that having proper levels of Vitamin D helps with blood pressure  The end result is healthier you with less chance of heart disease.

To read more about this click the links below.

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