Workman's Compensation and Chiropractic

In a recent study chiropractic patients demonstrated lower medical expenses, less disability, fewer recurrences, and shorter initial periods of disabilities.

The study "Health Maintenance Care in Work-Related Low Back Pain and Its Association with Disability Recurrence," was published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, April 2011, volume 53.

In this study, Researchers compared incidents across health care providers who treat claimants with new incidents of work-related lower back pain. The study followed 894 workman's compensation cases, the conclusion had been reached that preventive healthcare, mainly and specifically recommended by doctors of chiropractic, is linked with lower disability recurrences. As defined in this study recurrent disability is the renewal of at least 15 consecutive days of temporary total disability payments after the health maintenance stage which is the period after a patient's recovery and the patient is restored to optimal health.

Researchers after controlling demographic and severity factors compared the recipient's care mostly by. The researchers compared treatments done by Medical physicians and/or physical therapists as well as those who had been treated mainly by chiropractic physicians and found better outcomes with those patients who received chiropractic care.  The bottom line was that the patients not only got better quicker but they also used fewer opioids drugs, (narcotic pain relievers), had fewer surgeries, and at a lesser cost for their medical care.

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