Headaches and when to be concerned
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Headache - Should I be Concerned

The physician should be especially concerned if the patient has any of the following (Silberstein, 1992; Edmeads, 1988):

  • If you are over 50 and have a new-onset of headaches
  • a sudden-onset headache;
  • a headache that is subacute in onset and gets progressively worse over days or weeks;
  • a headache associated with fever, nausea, and vomiting that cannot be explained by a systemic illness;
  • a headache associated with focal neurological symptoms or signs, such as difficulty in reading, writing, or thinking), or a stiff neck (other than the typical aura of migraine);
  • you have no idea what is causing your headache and
  • a new-onset headache with a patient with cancer or human immunodeficiency virus.
If you have the above issues it would be wise to see you family Doctor.
The reality is that most headaches are  Cervicogenic which is just a fancy medical term for  "pain in the neck" that results in a headache.  Neck pain resulting from neck tension and stiffness which progresses into a headache.  The cause of cervicaogenic headaches can be the result of emotional stress,  car accidents even if they may appear as minor and neck strain.



From the Chiropractic standpoint, I believe that all treatments other than properly delivered Adjustments are a poor substitute with potential harm.  These alternatives range from pain medications to anti-inflammatory medications, and muscle relaxers.  Why?  Because with a cervicogenic headache, the problem is due to a structural problem, not a chemical problem.
If you have been suffering from headaches and have not found relief, we invite you to visit our office and learn about how we might provide you with the relief you have been searching for.
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