Planning your meals for health, wealth, and Happiness!

Meal Planning and Sticking to a Your Shopping List

We have all heard about the wisdom of shopping before we go to the grocery store.  The benefits are said to include things like saving money,  weight loss, Keeping us young,  Giving us more energy, saving time, reducing our waste, and even reducing our waste.  That is just to name a few but they all sound really good.

But is that really true?  I decided to put that to the logic test and see how it worked out.  So here is what we discovered.

  • A good list does help to avoid "emotional" purchases at the grocery store so it did save us money.
  • Having a list that comes from the meals we are preparing that week helped us to only buy foods that were fresh.  That did allow for us to choose more nutritious foods which means more energy, which helped to reduce our waist and waste.  We know what we wanted to it did save time.  Less waste meant more savings.
  • The list did focus us and we also found that if we made the list based on a weekly meal plan that we could even plan for what we want for snacks.  This in turn  helping to avoid the impulse purchases like fast foods with better choices like fresh and frozen fruits or sliced veggies with a healthy creamy sause.


I was amazed at the ease of how much a shopping list was able to save us money and make better food choices.

The next Item on my list is to find recipes that are quick, Nutritious, and full of flavor.  I keep hearing that the more pure the food the better the taste.  So that will be on my list to test.

Let me know if you have found some simple recipes that we can share with one another!

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