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It is a sad part of life that if you drive a car or ride in one you are likely to be in an auto accident at some time in your life.  If you are in an automobile accident it is also likely that you will sustain what is commonly referred to as a whiplash injury.

This is when your head quickly moved in one direction and then stops and recoils in the opposite direction.  This can in turn causes many potential injuries.  The interesting thing about these injuries is that we can not see them because they are hidden under our skin.  It is like some forms of cancer or high blood pressure.  It does not have life-threatening effects on us initially but over time it can become debilitation and life-altering.

In the case of Auto-accidents, we are often in shock when they occur.  We tend to worry more about getting our car fixed and concerned about if our insurance is going to go up etc.  These are all real issues yet the one issue that can easily be overlooked is our own health.  We can replace a car and pay on insurance but once your health is lost the damage is done and you will have to live with it for the rest of your life.  This can become not only expensive but painful stealing the quality of your life away.  This is why we at Chiropractic family practice in Asheville NC recommend that everyone who is in an auto accident should get checked by a Chiropractor.   I also recommend that if you are feeling pain immediately after the accident that you should go to the emergency room of your hospital from the accident.  It is better to be safe than sorry.  Then go to your Chiropractor as they are trained in detecting and treating soft tissue injuries to the muscles, ligaments, and tendons.  As physicians go the Chiropractic physician is trained to realign the spine back to its optimal position preventing premature arthritis and degenerative joint disease with the associated pain and suffering.

Keep in mind that your Medical Doctor's training is to deal more with everyday sickness and disease.   If you have a physical problem it will take a physical fix to correct the problem.  It would be like taking your child to a dentist with crooked teeth and expecting them to give you a pill to straighten those teeth.

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