Finding love, Health and Happiness

As a Chiropractor in Asheville I get to meet a lot of people.  One of the most common things I hear from people is that they wish they could find love in their life.  It is amazing how many people as sad and lonely in their lives.  Then I can not help to notice many people nowadays are on antidepressants.  Then there is the number of individuals who self-medication with drugs and alcohol in our community around the world.

This has led me to start asking questions of patients and clients I have seen over the years who appear to be happy, in relationships and talk about love in their lives.  This is in comparison with those who are not.  I might add that these individuals come in all ages colors, economic backgrounds, and sizes.  They see health and happiness as one and the same.  Here is what I have learned are some of the secrets to a life of love, health, and Happiness:

  1. Treat others as you want to be treated.
  2. Know yourself and what you want from others and give it to them.
  3. We get back what we give to others.
  4. Keeping score only makes us focus on who is loosing.
  5. Taking care of our own self,  body, mind and spirit is the start of loving relationship.
  6. We have to learn to love ourselves so we can show people how to love us.
  7. Never forget that every coin and situations has two sides.
  8. Be the person you want to attract in your life.

This is a small list so far but I find it interesting that it all goes back to the "Golden Rule".  The only twist is that it requires that we know what we want and do not want,  and then embody and give to others what we want to experience in our lives.

To your health and happiness!

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