Headaches in Asheville NC: more then pain in your head

Headaches in Asheville NC: More than the pain in your head

Posted by Asheville NC chiropractor Dr. Mathew Stockstad of Asheville Family Chiropractic

Over the past few decades, headaches have increased dramatically among the U.S population. There has been an approximately 60% increase in rates over the years. Most of this increase has occurred in adults younger than 45 years, and women are slightly more affected than men.

The worst of this is that the numbers do nothing to describe the toll it takes on individuals and their loved ones.  This is not just limited to the pain that is felt but also the isolation that one feels due to the need for quite,  a dark room,  medications to try to decrease the pain itself, the costs of lost work,  etc.

One study showed that 80% of women and 70% of men reporting chronic migraine headaches had at least one physician contact per year because of migraine headaches; 8% and 7% of women and men, respectively, were hospitalized at least once a year because of the condition. In addition, chronic migraine headaches had a substantial impact on functional capacity: 4% of men and 3% of women reported a chronic limitation in normal activity because of migraine headaches and associated symptoms.                     

Clearly headaches are having a big impact on society today, with major dollars spent on disability payments, hospitalizations, doctor visits, and medication prescriptions. Most patients also self medicate with over-the-counter drugs. The use of these drugs has increased exponentially over the past ten years. All of this "treatment" has had little effect on the occurrence of headaches, or shown a healthy way to any sort of lasting cure.   Many patients are now experiencing what is commonly referred to as "rebound headaches" as a result of the very drugs that used to help the headaches.

New Hope for Headache Sufferers in Asheville NC

This is actually not new at all but we find that many do not know about this very effective treatment that does not require drugs at all.  It is chiropractic care for headaches which is very different. The chiropractic approach is to looks at injuries to the spine (e.g. sprain/subluxation), which are affecting the nervous system. Headaches are just one of many symptoms than can occur when the spine is injured.

In our Asheville Family Chiropractic office we have been effectivly treating headaches for over 20 years.  Other considerations when treating headaches can include nutrition,  stress reduction practices, and life style issues.

Rather than masking the symptom with ineffective and potentially unsafe medications, the chiropractor treats the cause of the problem. Scientific studies have shown this approach to have merit. The chiropractor will use specific adjustments and postural exercises to improve how your spine functions, which may in turn reduce your need for medications, lower the intensity of the pain, or even eliminate the headaches all together. Depending on how badly your spine is injured or how long you have suffered, will both affect how you may progress during care.

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