Back Pain from Back Packs in Asheville NC

Back Pain from Back Packs in Asheville NC

Posted by Asheville NC chiropractor Dr. Mathew Stockstad

Research Results:

  • 25.9% of the children carrying more than 10% of their body weight experienced back pain for more than 15 days during the previous year.
  • The most frequent pathology was scoliosis, followed by lower back pain, and contractures (shortened and hardened) muscles, all of which are painful.
  • Girls had a higher risk of back pain, and the risk of injury increased with age.

Why backpacks may cause pain in Asheville NC

The compressive force of the weight of the pack on the spine may, in combination with being seated in poorly designed school chairs and poor postural awareness in general, cause vertebra to gradually shift out of healthy alignment. This can causes the spine to curve laterally (as in scoliosis) and to shift into a hunchback position (kyphosis), which looks obvious and leads to muscle pain.

Disks between the vertebra may also shift out of alignment as a result of wearing backpacks, and this is especially likely in the lower back because the disks in the lower lumbar and upper sacral area are especially vulnerable to displacement. When a disk moves far enough out of place it will touch a nerve, producing a shooting pain.


If your children are going to school and carrying heavy books and gym clothing in their backpack, it might be time to switch away from backpacks to save your children from lifelong pain.

If you are an adult who uses a backpack or shoulder bag for camping or travel, or a student in university, schoolbooks can weigh several pounds each, and the mass of survival gear  and carry-on shoulder bags can easily creep up, causing postural problems and pain.

Using a backpack, especially when the weight is more than 10% of your body weight, puts you more at risk for shoulder, neck, and back pain, in addition to postural problems that may stay with you for life if you are unaware of how to correct them.

Final words

If your kids are carting their books to school in backpacks, then please remember that they are unlike soldiers, and so they can live more healthily without backpacks. Children and adolescents like to emulate adults, and so allowing them to browse online and choose a stylish carry-on luggage bag with wheels and a long handle - which they can pull along - is healthier for their spine.


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