Chiropractic in Asheville NC: is it safe or Cost Effective?

Chiropractic in Asheville NC: Is it safe or cost effective?

Posted by Asheville NC chiropractor Dr. Mathew Stockstad

When it comes to what type of health care treatment to choose it seems like everyone has an opinion.  It often comes down to which one you believe will get you out of pain and with the least amount of time and expense invested into this process.  That is where it all gets confussing as we often start by asking our  family, friends, teachers, preacher and others!

It seems like everyone nowdays is an "expert" with different opinions and their advice, often conflicting, leading to confusion about what is best for you.

Why choose chiropractic care in Asheville NC?

There are many ways to approach back trouble, headaches, and neck pain, regardless of the diagnosis or condition.

First, all health care providers are biased in that they naturally focus on their specialty.  If you choose to consult with a surgeon, s/he will look at your condition from a surgical perspective.  Various surgical options may be discussed, tests are usually recommended and the process begins.

When consulting with a family physician, the typical approach is pharmaceutical or drugs such as anti-inflammatory medications (Advil, Nuprin, Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Aleve, Tylenol, etc.), heat or ice, activity modifications (possibly rest or mild/moderate activity), and possibly referral for chiropractic or physical therapy.

        In reviewing the various guidelines, it is recommended to start with the least invasive, safest, most cost effective approaches first.  

Unless "red flags" like cancer, fracture, infection or progressive severe neurological losses are present, surgery is not a logical initial approach.

Chiropractic has  been recommended as a first or initial choice as it has been found to be safe, highly satisfying, non-invasive, and cost effective.

The typical approach includes a thorough history, an examination that includes an analysis of posture, motion, function and includes the whole body.

For example, if one leg is short, the pelvis will tilt and spine is often crooked.  That needs to be corrected for both long and short term results.

If the feet pronate and the arches are flat, the effects on gait/walking on the ankle, knee, hip and back can lead to trouble or perpetuate current problems.

Deconditioning or, being out of shape is an important aspect included in the chiropractic management process.

If these methods fail to bring about satisfying results, referral for more invasive approaches will be considered.

Our office provides short term care for neck and back pain conditions.  We work and educate other health care providers about the chiropractic care and other natural  care options.

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