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Actions produce more than words.  I say this because I can not tell you how often I hear the words from patients about how they were just hoping that their pain would just go away. They tell me how they had visualized, prayed, and taken pills for their pain and it did not go away The sad thing is that sometimes people get pain that comes and they find that if they ignore it long enough that it will become tolerable. Our bodies are amazing in that it can adapt to pain and even disease so that we can continue to function.

A better way to look at life and health is to see it like a bank account. We have things that we do that are withdrawals in our life bank account. Then we have things that are like deposits in our life.  The key is to make more positive deposits in our lives and make fewer withdrawals.

Deposits are things like eating a healthy diet and the right amount. Getting well-balanced exercises that bring us more energy and Vitality.

Withdrawals on the other hand can be things like eating poor quality foods or just too much of a good thing.  Withdrawals can also be our not getting enough physical exercise.  It can also be getting more exercise than our bodies are prepared to do as seen with the weekend warrior.

The point is that to keep our health we need to be looking for ways to make positive deposits to our life and health account while minimizing the withdrawals in order to have optimal health.

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