Weight Loss Tips part 1 in Asheville NC

Weight Loss Tips in Asheville NC part 1

Posted by Asheville NC chiropractor Dr. Mathew Stockstad.

Weight loss tips are everywhere.  Most of them are the same old things such as don't eat so much or exercise more.  Then there also the tips such as stop eating so much fatty foods to your not eating to many carbs etc.   I am not disagreeing with any of those but we all know them all to well.  So what are  some that we could use on a daily basis?

Here are a few tips in Asheville NC

Do not skip Meals or Snacks

Not eating can mess with your body's ability to control your appetite. But it also destroys willpower, which is just as damaging. "Regulating yourself is a brain activity, and your brain runs on glucose," says Martin Ginis. If you skip breakfast or a healthy snack, your brain doesn't have the energy to say no to the inevitable chowfest.

So skipping a feed helps turn us into gluttons at night. Your starving brain "just doesn't have the fuel it needs to keep you on track, monitoring your diet."

Now this does give you license to eat huge meals.  A snack is a snack!  A meal should be sensible.

Break it

This one's easy. Spread your calories out into three meals of about 500 calories each, and two snacks of 100 to 200 calories each, says Liz Applegate, Ph.D., director of sports nutrition at the University of California at Davis. Most men who are trying to lose weight still need at least 1,800 to 2,200 calories a day, says Applegate. More important, change your mindset, she says. Think I'm going to start a new routine, not I'm going to restrict myself. Restriction leads to overeating.


Use the nondiet approach: You're not denying yourself food, you're just eating it more slowly. Savoring it. Allowing your body some time so you don't keep eating when you're full.

In an experiment published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, 17 healthy men ate 11/4 cups of ice cream. They either scarfed it in 5 minutes or took half an hour to savor it. According to study author Alexander Kokkinos, M.D., Ph.D., levels of fullness-causing hormones (called PYY and GLP-1), which signal the brain to stop eating, were higher among the 30-minute men. In real life, the scarfers wouldn't feel as full and could be moving on to another course.

So there is a good start.  Eat when you are hungry and chew that food up and try to taste every bite as if it was the last one you will ever have.

Till next time!  Live life, enjoy life, Count your blessing!

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