Chiropractic Saves Lives in Asheville NC

Chiropractic Care Saves Lives in Asheville NC

Chiropractic care in Asheville NC saves lives not only from the standpoint of its ability to optimize the functions of the body.  It saves lives in the fact that many individuals can find relief from pain without the use of drugs or surgery.

I heard that a classmate of mine from over 30 years ago Son had died from an accidental overdose.   This was a young healthy man who at the age of 23 years old is no longer with us with all the dreams and potential which will never be realized on this earth.  The story was that he was taking a prescribed medication for his neck pain from an injury.

We hear lots of stories of how dangerous things are in this world.  Yet the one thing we seldom hear about is how dangerous medications can be to us.  I am not saying that medications are bad in and of themselves.  I believe that medications can and are beneficial for many health care conditions.  I just do not believe that they are the answer for most health conditions.

What am I talking about.  I do not believe that the dolling out of antidepressants, pain killers, muscle relaxers, high cholesterol medications,  weight loss pills etc. should be the first choice for patients.   Not when we know that life style and other less expensive more effective methods are available.

I am concerned on so many different levels about the effects of medications on our environment.  Lets start with our own internal environment.  Pick up any medication and start to read the list of side effects.  Many of them can be life threatening as over time the drug can do damage to our essential organs of our body.  The primary ones being to our digestive track.  Then we have many medications that can damage the filters of our body such as our kidneys and our liver.  Many medications have to be monitored to prevent them from getting to the point of doing damaged to the body.

Chiropractic Saves Lives by giving people effective means of controlling pain and restoring function.

Chiropractic moves to optimize the bodies ability to move properly and with balance.  This in turn has the potential to slow, stop, and even reverse common conditions such as arthritis,  muscle pain,  injures etc   This preventing the need for chronic use of medications to control pain.

Chiropractic Saves Asheville NC Lives by keeping our minds clear and water systems clean.

How you ask.  How many medications come with a warning to not opporate heavy equipment

This was an excerpt from an article from woman's Health

How can I avoid harmful drug interactions?

Make sure your doctor knows about every drug you are taking, including drugs you obtain without a prescription order. If you have any problems related to medication, call your physician or pharmacist immediately. One drug may interact with another, in some cases creating serious medical problems. This information does not cover the interaction of one medicine with another. Additionally, interactions will vary according to the dosage, your age, sex and your overall health.


  • It is a good rule of thumb to avoid consuming alcohol while taking any drug unless a physician or pharmacist indicates that the combination is acceptable.
  • Cigarettes can also diminish the effectiveness of medication or create added hazards with certain medications.
  • Caffeine, which is found in coffee, tea, soft drinks and chocolate and some medications, can also affect the action of some drugs.
  • Medication should never be taken during pregnancy without the advice of your physician.

We have other warnings now being addressed for our public saftey.  This includes our being warned of the effects of drigs on our personal loss of ability while driving.  This of couse no being just a danger to the driver but to any person who is around these  impaired drivers.

The full article can be found on WebMD's site.

Corinne Russell, spokesperson for the Consumer Healthcare Products Association, recommends: "Read the label before you take anything to make sure you are aware of any possible side effects, such as drowsiness. It is on the label."

Reading may not, however, bring understanding. Stephanie Faul, a spokesperson for the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, tells WebMD, "A lot of people don't make the connection that [the warning] 'Do not use while operating heavy machinery' means a car."

Federal authorities estimate that about 100,000 crashes each year are caused by drivers nodding off behind the wheel. Of those wrecks, about 1,500 are fatal.

According to a study released last month by the University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center, drivers taking medications that may cause drowsiness were vulnerable to crashes. Lead investigator Jane Stutts, PhD, tells WebMD, "Those in sleep or fatigue crashes were 4-5 times more likely to be taking medications."

In its recommendations this month, the safety board asked the Transportation Department to develop a list of medications that may be used safely by professional motor vehicle operators. The board also called for comprehensive toxicology testing after some fatal crashes to better establish the role of prescription and over-the-counter medications in accidents.

What are the riskiest medications? According to Stan Reents, PharmD, editor in chief of ClinicalPharmacology, over-the-counter antihistamines often cause drowsiness. These and other nonprescription drugs may also contain alcohol. As for prescription drugs, he singles out Valium (diazepam), as well as antipsychotics and some antidepressants, barbiturates, and codeine-containing products.

All this to say that chirorpactic saves lives as it often can eliminate the need for individuals need to take these medicaions in the first place.

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