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We have all heard it and even know we should do it.  Heck, we even want to do it as we know we would feel better,  Look better, be better.  But who has the time for it?  You know what I am talking about,  That thing called exercises.

Your doctor like mine tells me, "You know Doc, you could use some exercise every day"!  I know that!  I say in my head and I also know that it has been snowing outside and that I could break a leg or a hip at my age if I fell.  He is all about 30 years old and I remember those days when life was easier and my body liked to move with joints that did not feel like they needed to be oiled in the morning.  All that aside the newest research tells us that just 2 minutes a day of exercise can make a real difference.  So here is the challenge for you and me.  Just 2 minutes a day for the next 30 days and see how you do.  See how you look and feel after those 3o days.  I will not tell you that this is a huge weight loss plan but it will get you on your "weight" if you stick with it.

Here is what you do.  Find a clock that you can see a second hand and you are going to do 6 exercises for 20 seconds.  You can do this as moderation is built right into this.  But do work up to it and check with your doctor... you know I have to say that to keep you safe.  But ... don't use that as an excuse to avoid exercise!

  1. Walk in place lifting your knees high to chest level
  2. Jog in place trying to kick yourself in the butt
  3. Do the best jumping jack that you can do
  4. Do the best push-ups you can do (bent knees if you have to)
  5. Crunch situps as many as you can do in the 20 seconds
  6. Squats going as deep as you can (do at a chair if weak for safety)

That is all there is to it!

Let me know how you are doing with this!  If you want even more inspiration then take some before and after pictures of yourself and you can even send them to me.  I will check in with you and encourage you!

Dr. Mathew Stockstad your Asheville Chiropractor, even if you don't live here!  I got your Back!!!!

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