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I have been getting lots of emails about my 2-minute exercise program.  The main thing I hear is "It is just too good to be true".  I agree with you all and I still want you to just try it.  I am not saying it is a quick weight loss or miracle cure-all.  It is just a start to health and fitness that you can start your journey towards health and fitness by keeping what you have.  It is like that saying "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."  If you will start with 2 minutes of exercise and commit to it what you will find is that once you get comfortable with the 2 minutes the 2 will grow to 2.5 then 3 Minutes and so on.  You will get some confidence and try other things like taking the stairs vs the elevator.  You will park your car further away from the store to walk in.  You might find the parks near your home to walk with friends and loved ones.  The list will just expand as you feel better and your energy comes back to you.  Being healthy is all about diversity and finding ways to celebrate this life.  We all know that the best things in life are free.  Love, Health, Family, and Faith.  Yet it does cost us something called action and a little time and attention.

I have made it part of my life to walk the Mountain to Sea trail here in Asheville NC.  I walk it with friends and guests frequently.   We have a large lake which we go to walk around as well in a community near us.  We walk the High school track and climb the stairs often and even walk the mall during extreme weather days.  All these are free to use for all of us!

As a Chiropractic Physician in Asheville and Fairview one of my main goals for my patients is to simplify their lives and introduce them to the lifestyle of health, healing, and fitness.  I want it to be doable and affordable.  This 2-minute fitness program is one of those things that anyone can do.  Get started today!

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