Whiplash Pain in Asheville NC

Whiplash in Asheville NC: Where's the Pain Coming From?

Whiplash commonly occurs as a result of a motor vehicle collision when, typically, there is hyper-motion in one direction followed by motion in the opposite direction in a "crack the whip" like manner.The direction of the strike typically dictates the direction of movement of the head so in a rear end collision, the strike is from behind, whipping the head forwards and then backwards. In a side-on collision, a side-to-side motion results. Pain can occur anywhere around the neck, upper back, arms, chest and/or head, depending on the tissues that are injured. Soft tissues including the muscles, their tendon insertions, ligaments that securely tie bone to bone, the shock absorbing disk in the front of the vertebral column, and/or the nerves that pass through the holes of the spine that innervate the arms and hands can be affected by these injuries.There can be jaw pain, difficulty in swallowing, balance / dizziness problems, fatigue, as well as concussion or mild traumatic brain injury which can lead to poor concentration, sleep interference, and memory loss. Low back pain and/or trunk pain can occur from the seatbelt and/or airbag deployment.The injuries associated with whiplash can lead to disruption of normal daily activity, depression and anxiety. There can be immediate symptoms or a delay in the onset and pain with its associated disability can last for days, weeks, months, or longer, depending on each case.A side-to-side or front-to-back mechanism of injury can result in damage to the ligaments in the back of the spine called the supra- and inter- spinous ligaments, the disk and/or nerve root the bone which can compress when the force is hard enough. A concussion can occur when the brain bounces against the inside of the skull.  All this to say that injuries can lead to many injuries causing many types of symptoms.

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