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Whiplash is one of the most common and well-known injuries from car accidents.  Whiplash is characterized by a sudden distortion of the neck also known as an acceleration flexion-extension cervical injury. This injury is caused by the force of an accident, which 'whips' the head violently from one direction to another, resulting in the tearing and irritation of the ligaments which support the spine. Whiplash can also result in the herniation or rupture of the soft cushioning discs that surround each of the vertebrae in the spine.

What causes Whiplash in Asheville NC?

While it is commonly associated with automobile accidents, whiplash can be developed from other injuries such as accidental falls, sporting activities, or assaults. Learn more from an Asheville NC chiropractor.

According to a recent study by A. Bartsch, L. Gilbertson, V. Prakash, D. Morr, and J. Wiechel (2008) in the Annual Proceedings and Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine, approximately 120,000 people in the United States have reported symptoms of whiplash, which consists of a headache, difficulty moving the neck, or pain in the neck, back, arms or shoulders. These symptoms may take hours or days to appear and can develop into lifelong health problems if they are overlooked as minor issues. Any form of trauma to the spine can disrupt the normal position and motion of the vertebrae which will affect nearby muscles, ligaments, and discs. This form of misalignment is known as a  subluxation, which can produce an adverse effect on the nervous system. Damage to the nervous system can result in organ damage and an impaired immune response system. While medical doctors are trained to treat life-threatening emergencies such as bleeding or surgical trauma, doctors of chiropractors are trained to recognize spinal damage.

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 We do this by providing an objective Diagnosis with proper documentation while providing effective treatment and rehabilitation for whiplash injuries.

If you have been in an accident that has forcefully Whipped your spine I recommend that you get checked immediately.  It is always better to be safe than sorry.

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