Asheville NC Chiropractor Can Help With Whiplash Injuries

Asheville NC Chiropractor Dr. Mathew Stockstad can help with whiplash, neck, and back pain due to auto accident injuries

Chiropractic Asheville NC Man With Whiplash

So what is whiplash?

it is an injury to the neck due to the body's reaction to a deceleration or acceleration force such as an auto accident.  It is also known as hyperflexion or hyperextension injury.

Whiplash injuries are common in car accidents, due in part to the fact that the muscles do not have enough time to brace during impact.

The end result is that the ligaments in the neck along with the muscles are strained and or sprained.  The natural response of the body is to go into a protective state where the muscles will tighten and may even go into spasms.  This is also referred to as a casting reflex.

When the supportive structures of the neck are pushed beyond their limit they are stretched and often have tears within them causing the spinal bones to lose their normal curve which causes the muscles to work in an abnormal way placing additional stress on the muscles and ligaments.

Misalignment in Asheville NC

This misalignment is what leads to future spinal degeneration and arthritis.  It is much like what happens to a car's tires when the front end is misaligned.  The tires will wear out quicker, it decreases the gas mileage and leads to other parts of the car to wear out quicker.  That is also what happens to our bodies.  Misalignment leads to stress and degeneration.

Spinal misalignment can irritate nerves reducing the body's ability to heal itself.

Over time the neck area becomes weaker, your body is more vulnerable to re-injury, and your symptoms such as pain and stiffness increase.  If not properly treated this will lead to the development of scar tissue in and around the damaged spinal joints.

One way to see the effects of the injury is to notice restrictions in the neck when you turn your head to the right and the left.  Then look up and down and notice if the causes pain or is not even from side to side.  Then look straight ahead and bring your right ear towards your right shoulder.  Notice how it feels and how far you are able to do this.  Then repeat this same motion to the left side.  These movements should be pain-free and even from side to side.  If they are not your neck needs to be realigned or damage will continue to be done until it is.

If you or someone or someone you know has been involved in an auto or similar related whiplash injury, contact Asheville Chiropractor at 16 Winterwind Drive at 828-299-4555.  We have been helping patients with Whiplash injuries for over 22 years.

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