Weight Loss Tips and Self -Esteem

Weight loss tips and self-esteem in Asheville NC

Chiropractic Asheville NC Weight Loss

Weight Loss and self-esteem are one of the most important issues that we work with when patients start their weight loss journey. Many individuals lose weight only to put the weight back on as soon as they are no longer on their diet.  That is because the person who put the weight on is still the same person.  We still suffer from our self-esteem issues with the same eating habits and behaviors that put the weight on us in the first place.

So all that to say that Weight loss is about how we esteem our-self. Our image and identity as fat or overweight person keep us fat and overweight.

One of the first tips is to discover our patterns which include our thoughts, behaviors, and actions throughout our day.  How?

 Weight Loss Tips to build Self-Esteem in Asheville NC:

  1. Become mindful of behaviors by tracking what you're eating by writing it down in a food journal every day.
  2. Journal your behaviors good and less than good whether they are big or small, every day.
  3. Celebrate every win you have big or small. The more you praise your good the more good you will want to have.
  4. Set small exercise goals to begin with like walking or doing some body weight exercises once in the morning and once after dinner.
  5. Find a place to post your successes, big or small so you can constantly view and find inspiration.  What is even nicer about this is that you will find that you will become an inspiration to others.

In our Asheville NC Chiropractic office we have been helping people not only lose weight and regain their health, we have also been helping them reclaim their self - esteem which is often lost as their health is lost.

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