Vitamin D and Hormones in Asheville NC

So the question at hand in Asheville NC is ... how Vitamin D influences 3 Very Important Hormones in your body?

First lets take a brief history of Vitamin D.

The very best known research of vitamin D was done on the health of the skeletal system. Vitamin D was first uncovered 90 years ago with the study of rickets, a disorder in babies and children characterized by deteriorating and deformity of the bones. Both rickets (diagnosis in Children) and osteomalacia (the diagnosis for adults) are triggered by a lack of vitamin D, calcium, or phosphate.

Vitamin D directs your body to utilize calcium at the appropriate time to successfully create bone mineralization. Without sufficient vitamin D the body does not properly grow the bones by increasing your calcium intake. So ... if you want strong bones? Make certain you're not lacking in Vitamin D.

Active vitamin D, Calcitriol, has a stimulatory and inhibitory effects on cell expansion and differentiation.  It also helps in the manufacturing of Insulin, Estrogen, and Testosterone. Why are these so crucial to your wellness?

Can a lack of Vitamin D in Asheville NC be making and keeping me Fat?

Current research found in the distinguished Journal of Biomedical Technology has actually reported that a lack of Vitamin D can contribute to Insulin Resistance. You may already understand that Insulin Resistance directly influences Fat Cell Storage and is a precursor to Diabetes. The more resistant you are to insulin, the more difficult it becomes to burn unwanted body fat creating a greater risk for diabetes.  All that to say that an absence or deficiency  Vitamin D may be keeping you fat.


If you're vitamin D deficient you may also lack testosterone. Testosterone levels are necessary for managing insulin.

Low testosterone implies greater Insulin Resistance-- Remember exactly what that means to your risk of diabetes and weight loss.  This is an important to understand. Testosterone is incredibly vital for a large range of health advantages, not least of which is male potency. A ground breaking research study in the Journal of Hormonal and Metabolic Research shows that guys who supplement with Vitamin D3 experience increased levels of Testosterone. More studies are needed, but if you ever questioned while you simply felt "better", randier, and happier in summer season-- maybe now you know!

Estrogen (Breast Cancer).

A 2010 research study at the Stanford University Department of Medicine found a relationship between Calcitriol (Vitamin D3 ) and the suppression of estrogen synthesis in Breast Cancer Cells.

The research study showed that Vitamin D3 might have anti-inflammatory actions in avoiding estrogen from promoting breast cancer cell development.

Men, regulating estrogen levels is NOT just for the women, if you wish to look excellent and feel incredible pay attention.

If any 1 of the above essential hormones is of any value to your wellness, I strongly prompt you to ensure you're enough in vitamin D.

All this said I suggests  getting at minimum of 30 minutes of quality sunshine daily.  Build up to it and start with small doses of about 10 minutes at a time.

Tell Next time.  This Is Dr. Mathew Stockstad of Asheville Wellness Foundation offeringAsheville Chiropractor, Massage, and Nutritional care.

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