Tips on Avoiding Back Pain
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Tips To Keeping Your Back Pain At Bay

While there are many contributing factors to back pain, below I have outlined some things that You actually have some control over. Here are my Top 4 list of things you can do to help alleviate and prevent your back pain and keep sickness away in general.

1.  Keep your weight at a healthy level.

Most people carry their extra weight in the front causing them to lean backwards, which puts more stress on the spine and the supporting back muscles.  More motivation to lose those extra pounds.

2.  Exercise daily.

Walking every day is essential.  Try to do at least 30 minutes.  Look for ways to get more exercise into your day.  You can do this by taking the stairs in place of the elevator, parking your car further away from the store so you have a longer walk, and walking up and down all the isles to add even more distance to your walk.   It's OK to do your exercise in short spurts throughout the day.    If you can,  go to a gym,  or find a buddy (spouse or friend) to join you for a walk several times a week.

3. If you do a lot of sitting, find reasons to get up frequently.

I suggest to many of my patients who have sit-down jobs, to set a timer reminding them to stand up at least once an hour.  I also suggest that they do a little walking and/or some shallow squats and toe raises (standing on your toes).  The reason this is important is that when you sit, the normal arch in your spine flattens putting more pressure on the disks.  This, in turn, places strain on the muscles of the back.  Standing unloads the disk and helps to relax those muscles.

4.  If you must sit for long periods of time use a back support.

Ergonomically designed chairs are very helpful.  A good arch in the lumbar portion of the chair is important. You can also get a lumbar pillow which can be almost, or as helpful as an expensive chair.

If you have been suffering from back pain for longer than 48 hours I recommend you come in for a consultation.

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Till next time! Yours in health and Healing.

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