Suffer From Whiplash in Asheville?

Car Injury

This is also known as a cervical acceleration-deceleration injury. Whiplash in Asheville is most commonly associated with a rear-end auto accidents which is described as follows. When the impact occurs the occupant's very first motion is to be jolted in an upward motion followed by a sudden whipping motion backward. This causes what is referred to as a ramping effect and results in the spine pressing against the seat and distorting the normal curvature of the spine. This upward movement oftentimes leads to the head rising above the head-rest of the seat. The end result is that it can and often leads to the neck and head being wiped beyond it typical motion tearing tendons, muscles, and ligament such as the discs. The head then "whips" forward while the brain in the skull is still going backward, as a result of the fluid located in the rear of the brain, and also the brain hits the rear of the skull. This can trigger bleeding in the brain or hematoma. The neck-and skull having been suddenly forced beyond the regular range of motions can be left with torn/stretched muscles, ligaments as well as discs (herniations). After the head has been whipped back it will then bounce off the back of the seat and be moved forward violently. The processes are then reversed on the neck resulting in the brain hitting the front of the skull The damage to the brain is called a "Coup-Contrecoup Injury," and could create bleeding in the skull. The whiplash mechanism, which is often ignored, usually creates serious pathology, such as herniations, hemorrhaging as well as tearing of soft tissue. If this is not treated properly it can result in permanent problems. In a lot of cases, whiplash could be caused by a single automobile accident and even those that have little to no observable damage.

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