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“How to Stop Low Ball Offers for Your Soft Tissue Spinal Injury Claim!”

Brought to You by Your Local Car Injury Doctors Network!
Topics Include the Top 7 Personal Injury Award Categories:

  1. The Top 5 Injury Financial Drivers and the Necessary Documentation to Fulfill Each Category!
  2. The 4 Categories of Documentation Necessary to Defend Against the Preexisting Injury Argument!
  3. How to Use the 14 Injury Magnifiers to Defend Against the Low Property Damage Argument!
  4. How to Use the Financial Claims Worksheet to Convert the Doctors Documentation into 4 Distinct Injury Awards!
  5. The Doctors Documentation Necessary to Demand and Win a Policy Limit Award!
  6. How to Use the 12 Documentation Categories of the Doctors Narrative Report to Support Your Demand Letter!
  7. The 25 Categories of a Successful Doctors Deposition or Trail testimony!

Results Using Our Car Injury Doctors Network Documentation System!

  • Kevin in Kansas documentation turned a lowball offer of only $7K into a jury award of $350K!
  • Dave in New Jersey documentation turned a lowball offer of only $15K into an injury award of $275K!
  • Joe in California documentation turned a low-ball offer of only $35K into an injury award of $2 million!
  • Paul in Kentucky documentation turned a no offer into a policy limit award of $110K jury verdict!
  • David in Virginia's documentation turned a low-ball offer of only $10K into a $75K judgment!

Brought to You by Your Car Injury Doctors Network!

Dr. Mathew K. Stockstad, M.Div, DC

30 years of experience and focused training in:

  • Credentialed in MRI Interpretation through the SUNY School of Medicine
  • Credentialed in Spinal Biomechanical Engineering
  • Credentialed in Interprofessional Hospital Based Spine Care
  • Spinal Biomechanics in Trauma
  • Crash Dynamics and the Trauma Victim
  • Head Injury, Brain Trauma and Concussion
  • Impairment rating determined by AMA guides to impairment rating
  • Established relationships with medical specialist when needed
Chiropractor Asheville NC Mathew Stockstad Thank u

Presented by Dr. Paul Hollern

  • Personal Injury Consultant
  • Speaker 3 Chiropractic Colleges
  • Never Lost a Patients Case in Court
  • Opened 77 Chiropractic Offices in 20 States
  • Largest Chiropractic Provider in the World
  • Donated Over $500K Chiropractic Profession
  • President’s Award Logan College Chiropractic
  • Only Chiropractor to Beat the US DOJ by Trial
  • Author 10 Books on Personal Injury and Chiropractic
  • Testimony Resulted in Largest Civil Verdict in County
  • Continuing Education Instructor for Doctors and Attorneys
Chiropractic Asheville NC Paul Hollern

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