Prescription drug use Dangers

"Insane Drug Use Statistics and the Danger of Polypharmacy

There's no doubt that the US has been manipulated into a nation of drug users. In just a ten-year span, from

1992 to 2002, the number of prescriptions written increased by a whopping 61 percent. And in that same period, the number of prescriptions written for opiates increased by almost 400 percent.

According to the latest statistics from the Kaiser Health Foundation, the average American, aged 19 to 64, now takes more than 11 prescription drugs!

This brings up yet another problem, which is the exponentially increased health risk of mixing multiple drugs. The word 'polypharmacy' means "many drugs," and essentially refers to instances where an individual is taking too many drugs--either because more drugs are prescribed than clinically indicated, or when the sheer number of pills simply becomes a burden for the patient.

This situation used to be primarily a concern for the elderly, who generally take more medicines than younger folk-in the US, the average senior fills more than 31 prescriptions per year. But over the past several years, even children as young as three are increasingly being prescribed four or more drugs!

This is a significant problem, as the more drugs you mix together, the greater the chances of serious side effects. People (of all ages) taking psychiatric drugs appear to be particularly prone to polypharmacy, which is particularly disturbing since each and every one of these drugs are quite potent and potentially dangerous when taken all by itself."

To see the whole alarming article by Dr. Mercola Click here.


I am often shocked at how many people are taking multiple medications.  This now includes children.  The most common symptoms that are being treated are high blood pressure, cholesterol, Insomnia, constipation, depression, and pain.    If you are a male taking multiple medications is often includes the little blue pill or some other version of that.  Yet when you look at the side effects of each medication, it appears that some of the drugs may be offsetting a symptom of one of the other prescribed drugs.

I am not anti-prescription drugs use when they are needed.  I believe they are a blessing to help individuals get over a health crisis.  They are to be a helping hand while taking actions to re-balance and reset the body so it can take over the job of restoring health.

That is why I became a Chiropractic Physician.  I wanted a profession that had as its number one objective to strengthen the body's natural ability for health and wellness.

Something to think about!

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