Non-surgical spinal decompression therapy
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Low back pain and neck pain has been said to remain one of the main reasons for hospital and doctor visits around the world.  Yet the primary treatment for the pain has been and remains to cover the cause of the pain with a drug that only masks the cause of the neck pain or back pain and leads to further degeneration resulting in Surgery.

Unlike other disc treatments, spinal decompression therapy uses advanced computer technology to "target" the offending disc or discs and relieves spinal pressure by applying a gentle pull.

This precise, computer-driven manipulation is simply not possible with a manual adjustment by even the most gifted chiropractic physician and although it is traction-like in some respects, traction can actually cause muscle spasms or contractions as a response to the "stretching," leading to further disc compression.

Spinal decompression therapy, on the other hand, uses state-of-the-art technology to prevent the contraction response for a comfortable, relaxing, experience. (In fact, some patients even fall asleep during treatment!)

As the Fairview Chiropractor and the Asheville Chiropractor, we offer this technology as an effective alternative to spinal surgery.  The sad thing is that once surgery has been done the damage of cutting the muscles, and tissues to decompress the disc is not reversible.  Often times it results in scar tissue which can lead to even more pain in the future.

To your health and wellness your Asheville and Fairview Chiropractor and even if you don't live here!

Dr. Mathew K. Stockstad,  M.Div, DC, PA

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