How to save money on Gas

Why as a Chiropractic physician am I writing about saving money on your gas?  Well, every day for the last few weeks I have been hearing patients comment on how they are needing to find ways to save money on gas.  So here are some of the best tips I have found.

Finding Cheap Gas Tips

  • Use websites that locate the cheapest gas in your zip code.
  • If it has the capability, use your GPS to find cheap gas.
  • Find cheap gas using the Cheap Gas iPhone application.
  • Keep an eye out for dropping prices and sales or deals at local stations.
  • Ask your friends and family for suggestions on the cheapest stations to fill up.
  • Factor in the distance you need to drive to the station when calculating the cost of the gas.
  • Make sure you check the price of the specific grade of gas your car requires.
  • Keep your tire pressure at the correct pressure.
  • Be easy on the accelerations.
  • Anticipate stops and glide as soon as you know you are likely to need to slow or stop.

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