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Chiropractic Asheville NC Charcuterie Dinner for Two

At Chiropractic Family we have been educating our patients and community in Fairview and Asheville NC community on good healthy eating.  Dr. Stockstad has been an advocate for proper healthy eating in Asheville for over 20 years.  So you've decided to make some positive changes to your diet and you have started to focus on purchasing some lean protein.  You've read all the recommendations and learned that the best sources for this are chicken, tuna fish, and turkey.  While this is true not all meats are created equal.  In fact what is often called a  "meat" is actually nothing more than a round compressed ball of chemicals, fillers, sodium, and additives that looks like a tube that is then cut into slices and nicely packaged in a plastic tub.  Now what about Tuna Fish?   Well, it is good as long as you don't add too much mayo and other fattening things to it.   It is also best to purchase the tuna that is packed in water.

The best way and least expensive way to get your lean protein is to purchase fresh fish filets,  grilled chicken breast, and lean cuts of red meat and cook in yourself.  It is quick and can be stored in the refrigerator for several days and used in salads, as a main dish,  and in sandwiches.

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