Conception to Birth in Asheville NC — visualized

Conception to birth in Asheville NC - visualized

Alexander Tsiaras: Presents his amazing videos of the Conception of a human egg  to the  birth as a visual model which he has been documenting and demonstrating as a professor at Yale University.

As one of the tenets or Axioms of chiropractic that we hold is this.  The power that created the body is the same power the heals the body.  We acknowledge that we do not create health in a person by adding nor taking away from the body.  We believe that we aid in the process of restoring and maintaining health by way of looking and helping to correct the body of interference of to the body being able to work at its optimal state.

Dr. Tsiaras states in his short lecture that it is the smallest of processes that determine how the human body is formed.  He describes this as a scientist as nothing beyond a miracle.

As a Chiropractor and I have to acknowledge also a man of Faith I stand in awe of this process of the creation of a human being being formed in the womb.  I have had the intimate privilege to deliver 2 of my children at home.

As a Chiropractor I also get to witness the power of the body to repair and itself when we remove the interfence be it neurological, physical, nutritional, emotional, structural etc.

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