Commiting to your health!

Every year we see lots of people getting excited about getting healthy.  It is when we see lots of marketing being done by the fitness industry.  They know this is when we are ready to invest in those hopes of losing weight,  toning up our bodies,  and finding pride in ourselves.  It is wonderful that we can find the spark to ignite our passion for self-care.  The problem that comes up for most is not passion but time to do our passion.  We have to find that adding one more thing to our schedule is next to impossible.  This means it easily falls by the wayside.

So what can we do to stop the craziness in our lives?  Here at our Asheville Chiropractor Practice, we have been addressing this issue with some basic questions. Here are just 2 Questions you can ask yourself:

  1. How can I make time in my schedule to add this new event to my life?
  2. Who can I do this with as an accountability partner?

I have so many patients say to me,  "Dr. Stockstad I really want to take better care of myself.  I really want to be a better example for my children, a better spouse, a better neighbor, etc. but I just don't have the time in my day to be all things to all people. "


I hear you!  The first step is to figure out what you can let go of in your life or find ways to multitask events.  An example could be that you have a friend join you for a daily walk at the mall.  That gives you social time while exercising together.  Another example could be to take a dance class with your spouse for a date night,  exercise, and a chance to meet others while getting some exercise.    The key is to think outside the box and find ways to have fun and enjoy the process.

All the best!

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