Benefits of Stretching
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The Benefits of Stretching


One of the most consistent health improvement tools that we give our patients at Chiropractic Family Practice is specific and generalized stretches for health and healing.   Over 20 years of caring for patients we have found that if we can get patients to loosen up the tight muscles and strengthen the weak muscles it enhances their whole overall well-being.

According to the Mayo Clinic, the top five benefits of stretching include:

  • Increased flexibility and joint range of motionFlexible muscles can improve your daily performance. Tasks such as lifting packages, bending to tie your shoes or hurrying to catch a bus become easier and less tiring. Flexibility tends to diminish as you get older, but you can regain and maintain it.
  • Improved circulation:  Stretching increases blood flow to your muscles. Blood flowing to your muscles brings nourishment and gets rid of waste byproducts in the muscle tissue. Improved circulation can help shorten your recovery time if you've had any muscle injuries.
  • Better posture:  Frequent stretching can help keep your muscles from getting tight, allowing you to maintain proper posture. Good posture can minimize discomfort and keep aches and pains at a minimum.
  • Stress relief:  Stretching relaxes tight, tense muscles that often accompany stress.
  • Enhanced coordination:  Maintaining the full range of motion through your joints keeps you in better balance. Coordination and balance will help keep you mobile and less prone to injury from falls, especially as you get older.

In the next blog, I am going to discuss the Proper Stretching Technique.

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