Back Pain and Sex

It is a sad story for many patients who suffer from back pain.   It is not just that their back hurts or that they are not able to participate in the things they love to do like ride a bike, go for a walk, or sit through a movie,

The facts are that pain, especially back pain affects every part of your life.  That includes our most intimate aspects of our life and that includes our sex life.  It is not uncommon to have a  back pain sufferer who is married tell me that they have lost interest in many of the things that used to be the staples of their relationship due to pain.  I ask them if they have discussed this with their significant other and they often tell me that their spouse knows that they have back pain.  I ask them again if they have told them how it affects their interest in life and more so the most intimate parts of their life.

As a Hospital chaplain and a Chiropractic Physician, I have a unique perspective on how sickness, disease, and pain affect people's lives.  The goal of sharing how your pain affects you is to have those closest to you understand and possibly help you on your road to recovery.

Now let me illustrate how not telling your lover that your back pain is bad.  In my Asheville - Fairview Chiropractic office I had a young lady who injured her back in an Automobile accident.  Her husband that she had a whiplash injury and that her back hurt.  She went on to work and would go shopping with her friends as normally did.  He assumed that this meant that she was living her life as usual.  The one area that was not, as usual, was their intimate life.  So he started to think that maybe she was no longer in love with him. This all came out in an argument and she told him that her back hurt and that she thought that he knew.  Once this was understood he was on her team to remind her to do the exercises that I had prescribed for her.  He came to her appointments here At Chiropractic Family Practice to support her in the healing process.  She got better quicker and they grew closer together in the process.

The point of this blog is that when it comes to back pain you need to talk to your doctor about how it is affecting all of your life.  Also, tell those around you how the pain is affecting you so they know not to take it personally  Let them be part of the solution while you are recovering.  Allow them to help you by doing the lifting, the bending, and if needed your memory for the exercises that your doctor gave you to help stabilize your back.

Till next time, Your Asheville - Fairview Chiropractor Dr. Mathew Stockstad,

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