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As a chiropractor, I am often asked what my Chiropractic profession is all about.  What is central to my profession is that we believe that the spine is not only the center structure that holds your body upright and protects the spinal cord.  From the spine, there are holes in which the spinal nerves exit.  These nerves connect to the organs, muscles, and joints and if the spine is in discomfort, or is damaged, the nerves get pinched.  This affects your health and wellness.  The net result is that our body goes into a state we term Dis-ease.  If this is not corrected then over time causes degeneration and over time becomes a symptom and can lead to Pain, discomfort, and over time the possibility of illness and disease.

We have a saying in the office which says "Posture is the Window to the spine and the spine is the key to your good health".  We all know that if our posture is good we look better, feel better and we are better.

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