Why Chiropractic is the most effective care for neck and back herniations

English: MRI Scan of Lumbar Disc Herniation

English: MRI Scan of Lumbar Disc Herniation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you've been diagnosed with a disc herniation causing your back pain or neck pain. If so,  you might be without a doubt stressed over your options for  treatment and rehabilitation. You'll be happy to discover that chiropractic care is without a doubt an excellent option to risky procedures such as injections and surgery.

A disc herniation takes place when some of the jelly-like  material loses its integrity from the disc which acts as a spacer between two vertebral bones within the spinal column. The result is that the disc can bulge or push out from its regular place.  The end result being that the bulge can then press on the nerves of your spine, triggering pain or even numbness within your hip and also legs.  This is referred to as sciatica.  The good news is, chiropractic care is without a doubt a very reliable method to soothe the pain and discomfort from the disc herniation for a lot of individuals.

Below are the facts:

Chiropractic care works equally as well as spine injections - Two newly released studies revealed that chiropractic care is just as successful as vertebral injections.  In addition the injections are very costly  and  contain a greater chance of adverse effects.  The other findings is that the chiropractic compared to the spinal injections worked as well for both cervical (neck) pain as it did for lumbar (low back) herniations and pain.

Spine Injections Increase Chance of Bone Fractures - A research from 2013 uncovered that each and every epidural vertebral injection enhances the risk of vertebral fractures by 21 %!

Surgical treatment is undoubtedly Dangerous - Did you know that as much as 74 % of back surgeries fail and leave subjects suffering?

Chiropractic is just one of the best means to treat back pain, whether it's triggered by disc herniation or other troubles. Actually, also the AMA advises considering chiropractic care prior to considering surgery!

At Vibrant Health Source we have over 25 years experience of successfully treating Low back and neck pain patients without the use of drugs or surgery.

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