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Eating out comes loaded with opportunity for social fun, recreation and unfortunately also an easy way to eat foods that are less then healthy.

Below I offer 7  strategies to make eating out less of a challenge and give you the best of both worlds.

1. Develop a strategy ahead of time by having some simple but effective healthy ideas and beliefs.
2. Consume a little, healthy snack prior to eating in restaurants.  If you're pleasantly starving, instead of starved, you can relax, eat gradually
and savor each bite of the meal.  If you go staring it is just o easy to risk losing control by overeating unhealthy foods.
3. Load up on veggies.  Unless they are fried or taken in butter or oil, you can not fail with veggies because they are really low in calories, high in fiber and packed with other beneficial nutrients, and have almost no negative affect on blood glucose levels.  In addition they add color and bulk filling your plate and satisfying you eyes.
4. Choose a lean protein source. For example, if you buy a large salad, ask the waitress to include grilled chicken , grilled fish or cottage cheese.
5. Make basic, much healthier modifications to the dishes you know you enjoy. If you only purchase what you believe you "ought to" rather than what you truly
want, you may be satisfied physically, however not psychologically ... and will certainly probably yearn for something more ... and wind up making poor options later.
6. Consume plenty of water before the meal.  Your body may be dehydrated which can also lead to overeating.
7. Listen to your body by slowing down and checking in with your belly.  Stop consuming when you begin to feel satisfied.  Don't  make your plate being empty the stopping point. Nobody states you need to eat the entire meal-- box it up and enjoy the rest later

Our mission at Vibrant Health Source  is to help as many individuals as we can reach their optimal health potential.

Your in Health!

Dr. Mathew Stockstad, M.Div, D.C.


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