What is all the fuss about vitamin D?  This is the topic Dr. Stockstad will address in this blog.

vitamin D

Vitamin D isn't really a vitamin but is actually more of a hormone.

It is what we call a pro-hormone, which is a substance that can be converted into a hormone.

What is special about Vitamin D is that our bodies don't need a food source for it. That is becuause our skin has the ability to take ultraviolet B rays from sunshine and make this crucial element. The bad part is that if you do not have enough vitamen D it can lead to Health problems.

This is real interesting ... Vitamin D receptors have been found in nearly every tissue in our bodies, showing direct connection to our heart, immunological, reproductive, cognitive and metabolic health. Yes! That's almost all areas of your health and well being.

So what does this vitamin D do in our bodies?

Vitamin D mediates its effects with these receptors in the cell nucleus, effecting gene expressions through the manufacturing of Calcitriol (a powerful steroid hormone with many biological actions). Researchers approximate that Calcitriol or the absence of it can impact the expression of hundreds of different genes, now connected to over 200 Major health issues, such as:.

- Cognitive problems in older adults.
- Depression.
- Osteoporosis (Vitamin D is essential in appropriate absorption of calcium for strong bones).
- Weight problems (The active type of vitamin D results the manufacturing of insulin, effecting insulin level of sensitivity-- which is directly associated with fat loss).
- At least 16 variouse types of cancers (especially Prostate, Colon, and Breast cancers).
- Type 1 and 2 Diabetes.

Wish to get sick less? Get enough Vitamin D.

Want more powerful Bones? Get enough Vitamin D.

Want more "Nutritional Insurance coverage"? Get enough Vitamin D.

Want to feel happier? Get enough Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is so crucial to your total health that if you're deficient in it like many people, it might be a big issue. It's been approximated that 50 % of Americans are Vitamin D deficient.

So how can I get more Vitamin D in your body?

1. Get enough Sun (The Best Option).

Make an effort to get direct sun exposure everyday in small doses. Have a lunch date and sit in the sun.  Go for a walk with a friend and get exercise while socializing.  Grow a small garden or go out and walk your dog.

Begin with just 10 short minutes a day this week. Then next week bump it approximately 20 minutes a day. Then Thirty Minutes a day the following week. The more skin you expose the better (and bear in mind, incremental direct exposure is the key, not burning!).

2. Eat enough egg yolks and oily fish such as salmon, mackerel, herring, sardines and tuna.

These foods contain Vitamin D3 (the kind we make in our skin and consume in our diet plan). Start with  a minimum of 1-2 servings per week.

I challenge you to implement at least 1 of the above 2 items to drastically improve your Vitamin D3 levels. If you commit to consistently doing them as part of your lifestyle, you will feel better and healthier in no time at all!

Now try it out on your own today and let me know how you feel in about a week!

Dr. Stockstad, M.Div, DC of Asheville Wellness Foundation and Chiropractic can be contacted at 828-299-4555 or Visit his web site at www.drstockstad.com.  He is a wellness consultant and provides Chiropractic care in his Asheville office.

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