Reversing the negative Impacts of Sitting

Key concept: Restoring your health with simple activities.

Little fixes for unhealthy lifestyles

negative effects of prolonged sitting

By: Asheville Chiropractor Mathew Stockstad, M.Div, DC, PA    of  Vibrant Health Source  @  Asheville Chiropractor

A lot of us have jobs that require us to sit at a desk for much, if not all of our day. It is all over the news as to how there is so much evidence backed by scientific studies that demonstrate just how unsafe this is for our health. Our bodies are designed to move and remain active, but that's difficult in our contemporary workplace.  With this being the case, it leaves us with the question as to how we can get the exercise that we need in spite of our modern day work and living environments.

Study finds that Brief walks can build long term health benefits.

A brand-new research study done at the University of Missouri checked out the effects of prolonged sitting by studying 11 healthy boys before and also after a period of resting.

The scientists discovered,  (not that surprising)  that sitting for long periods lowered the blood flow to the legs. What they did find as a surprise was the fact that prolonged resting also minimized the blood flow to the arms.

The authors then had the 11 test subjects choose to do a 10-minute stroll. They then rechecked the subjects and found that these short little walks had the ability to reverse the impacts of 6 hrs of sitting. The findings where not a positive for increasing the cardio function of the arms.  Despite this the results did provide individuals some hope as to how short bursts of exercise can offset the negative effects of minimal activity.

It can not go without pointing out that the test subjects were boys, so one has to question how well a 10-minute walk would help older office workers.  I do find the research outcomes are motivating.

The good news for those how have limited time to exercise

The take-away from this research study is quite straightforward: if you need to work at a desk throughout the day, make certain to take some time throughout the day to obtain some motion.  quick walks at lunch. do some jumping jacks, jump a rope etc.  Just do something that gets your heart rate going like climbing a few flights of stairs and head back down.  Maybe add some arm work out by carrying some small weight in your hands.  Be creative.  Your good health is on the line.

Other Healthy suggestions:

More and more manufacturers are marketing stand-up work stations that have been revealed to reduce the troubles related to sitting for long periods of time.  Another option with the standup desk is on that is mounted on a treadmill that is set on a very low stroll speed.
Another option is to make your lunch break an exercise break. Getting some fitness time in the middle of the day can be a fantastic way to energize and invigorate your body.

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