Parkinson'sParkinson's disease and MS helped with Chiropractic care and M.S. Treated with Chiropractic care

Parkinson's and Multiple Sclerosis (MS) treatment outcomes where published in the August 2004 issue of  the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation.  The research highlights a report which found that chiropractic care might stop or reverse the symptoms of Parkinson's illness and Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

81 Parkinson's and MS patient under Chiropractic Care where followed

The research study involved 81 patients with Parkinson's condition and MS that were under chiropractic. care for correction of vertebral subluxations or misalignment's of the little vertebral bones of the spine. Seventy-eight of the 81 patients reported that they had experienced a minimum of one significant injury to the head or neck between ages of 2 months and Thirty Years prior to the beginning of their condition.
Previous research has actually suggested a causal link in between head and neck injuries and the advancement of Parkinson's and MS.
In the study, 34 of the Parkinson's patients and 40 of the MS patients revealed symptomatic enhancement following chiropractic care.
In the Parkinson's group, 16 revealed considerable improvement, 8 showed moderate improvement and 11 revealed small improvements.  Improvement in the MS group revealed 28.substantial, 8 moderate and 5  smaller improvement with Chiropractic care.

Parkinson's and MS cases following Chiropractic care

What was even more exciting for the patients who experienced the improvement, where the fact that over the the next 1-5 years  they did not show signs of advancing decline from the disease.
Discussion: This case shows that by remedying vertebral subluxations and getting rid of the resulting nerve interference, chiropractic care allows your body to work better, restoring.
and keeping a higher degree of health. As a result, all types of health difficulties are easier handled, whether they are symptomatic or not.

Personal Note:  My family has a history of Parkinson's disease and I watched my Grandfather over the years go from being a strong able handsome man become a man who became unable to eat his oatmeal breakfast due the shaking of his hands.  I watched him try to sit on his hands do that his shaking hands would not become a source of distraction.  Later his face and head became effected by this disease as did his ability to walk with confidence.

I have had several patient's who I have worked with over the years that have suffered from advanced MS and Parkinson's disease.  I wish I could say that Chiropractic care was able to cure them as it did not.  What I and my patients did witness was their regaining some of their function that they had lost and many years of sustained improvement.

If you or someone you know suffers from Parkinson's of MS,  please consider a subluxation based Chiropractor.

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