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In anatomy, lumbar is an adjective that means ...

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Low Back Pain Treatment has not changed for years.

Research shows that if you stay active despite having back pain has proven to help you avoid back.  For many if not most of my patients continuing to be active seems to be just the thing they want to avoid.  In the past rest was the prescription for low back pain and seemsed to provide us with relief when we did things like lay down and take something for the pain.  But.  that has been found to be wrong. that was what we where told  pain by continuing to be active are much better off than those who are less active.

Researchers assessed how clients recovered from low back  pain in relation to their activity levels. Some clients were advised to "stay active" in spite of the discomfort while others were informed to change their levels of activity based on their pain.Those who remained active ended up recuperating faster and feeling less depressed. On the other hand, patients who adjusted their activity levels felt more depressed and were less mobile.

Scientists recommend that low back pain patients continue to be active and continue their daily activities when possible. This will likely promote a favorable outlook and increase your physical movement which in turn will in most cases put you on the path towards recuperation. Consult with your Chiropractor or health care  professional in your location to find out more about how you can remain active even with back pain.

Our mission at Vibrant Health Source is to provide effective natural non surgical drugless care by optimizing your bodies own healing potential..

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Yours in health and healing!

Mathew Stockstad, M.Div, D.C.



Research sited:  Olaya-Contreras, Patricia. Biopsychosocial evaluations of acute and persistent pain, specifically in the spinal column: The result of distress on discomfort strength and disability. Institute of Medical Sciences at the Sahlgrenska Academy University of Gothenburg. 2011.

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