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Best weight loss tool!  

Drink more water.

Consuming more water appears like a simple thing, however it's really easy to forget, lose track, and not get sufficient water intake during the day. Very few of us are really effectively hydrated on a daily basis.

Even less people rely on water as the first solution when we have problem with reducing weight.  When it comes to weight loss  this is a huge mistake since water is perhaps the single most essential driver in losing fat and keeping it off.

The fact is that our bodies are made up of  more then 60 % water and our body needs water to burning fat and developing lean muscle.

Water and weight loss facts to consider:

  1. Your liver requires water to convert stored fat to energy.
  2. If your kidneys are water-deprived, the liver needs to do the kidneys' work all by itself, decreasing its capability to aid you burn fat.
  3. If you're not drinking enough water, you're setting yourself up to store fat.
  4. Water is also a natural hunger suppressant, so if you're body is deprived of water, you may eat way too much to compensate.
  5. Your brain does not distinguish between cravings and thirst. So if you think you're hungry, your body just might be sending messages that are really telling you that you're thirsty.  So... go for the water first and then wait at least 20 minutes to give the brain a chance to register the water need is met.  If you are still hungry,  then eat on something healthy and full of nutrition.
  6. This goes double for any quick-fix craving you have. When your body is yearning for something like sugar or salt.  This is just another way the body is trying to ask you to get adequate water in your system to keep everything running smoothly.
  7. When you think you're starving or if you're craving a certain food, consume a glass of water first and await half an hour. If you were just thirsty, your yearning will certainly disappear.

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